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Join us on this exciting journey to make a difference. Together, we can combat marine pollution, promote responsible marine resource usage, and inspire a global community of sea life enthusiasts. Let’s unite in our mission to protect our unique marine heritage and create a sustainable future for marine life.

Warming in California Leads to Alarming Decline in Invertebrate Populations

Our Mission and Goals

We are an independent online portal dedicated to the conservation and protection of marine life. Our mission is to promote marine biodiversity, combat ocean pollution, and advocate for responsible marine resource utilization. We aim to inspire and engage a community of supporters who share our commitment to preserving our unique and vulnerable marine heritage. Join us in our quest to safeguard our planet and its marine life for future generations.


Switch for the Reef

Take action to save the Great Barrier Reef by adopting eco-friendly habits and supporting renewable energy initiatives.

Choose to Reuse

Help reduce plastic waste and marine pollution by embracing reusable alternatives and promoting circular economy practices.

Marine Protected Areas

Advocating for the establishment and conservation of marine sanctuaries to protect and preserve critical marine habitats and biodiversity.

Plastic Pollution

Our campaign aims to combat the harmful effects of plastic on marine life and ocean health. We advocate for reduced plastic consumption, proper waste management, and sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics.

Fish for the Future

Join our efforts to promote sustainable fishing practices and protect vulnerable fish species. We strive to ensure the future abundance and diversity of marine life.

Ocean Youth

Empowering young leaders and change-makers to safeguard our oceans and marine ecosystems through educational programs and field experiences.

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